I used this site for about six weeks and took every possible practice test the site offered. I also read every single book I could find about the PEBC, but this website helped gel it all together for me with its lectures and support from their tutors.  -Farhana Hussein, Ontario, Canada, 2018.

The first time I took the PEBC, I used a commonly recommended study guide, and unfortunately didn't pass. I found this website and followed all the tutorials and practice tests. With the help of Mike and the team I passed! Thanks for providing this website!! - Amit Patel, British Colombia, Canada, 2017.

Your prep materials are the best. Paying for the gold course was the best money I've spent. I was averaging pretty low when I took my first practice exam. I did all the tutorials, pharmacy resource practice, practice questions and practice exams. It really acclimatized me to what to expect during the exam. Thanks for a great service. -Anonymous, 2017.

"...just wanted to say that I passed the exam on my first attempt. It was silly of me to worry so much, thanks for your support!" - Amina Patel, Ontario, Canada, 2016.

"Fabulous service" - Ishmal Shmit, Brampton, Canada, 2015.

"Thanks, guys, super questions!" - Anita Patel, Edmonton, Canada, 2015.

"Quality and value!" - Tony Makeson, Saskatoon , Canada, 2014.

"Wouldn't have passed without you! xx" - Katie Bartlett, Hamilton, Canada, 2014.

"Very impressed with the resources area and Mike was a godsend, I will definitely recommend you to my friends" - Ian Nediljko, Vancouver, Canada, 2013.

Above you can see some comments from some of our previous students, if you would like to submit any of your comments good or bad we would love to hear them, just fill out our survey.

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