How to apply for the PEBC Exam

There are several steps that you will need to follow, to successfully apply for the PEBC Exam:

  • If you wish to apply for Document Evaluation and Evaluation examination at the same time, you have to send the Evaluating Examination application in the same envelope as your Document Evaluation application before doing anything else. Make sure that the documents for Document Evaluation and Evaluating Examination are correctly submitted and received by the PEBC before the application deadline of the exam you want to take has expired. If the documents are not received by the deadline, the PEBC will have to apply a fee to that following exam.
  • If you decide to apply online to both Document Evaluation and Evaluating Examination, you will need to apply for Document Evaluation first and then wait for up to two business days for the PEBC to email you your PEBC ID number. Once you have it, you can apply for the Evaluating Examination online and submit the hard copies of the applications together in the same envelope. You have to remember though that if you apply online for the Exam, you must still print off the online application forms once they are completed and submit them, along with the checklists and the documents required to the PEBC by the application deadline date. This online application is only available until 12 noon (Eastern time) on the application deadline date.

Illness or Bereavement

Hopefuls are emphatically urged not to endeavour to take the exam and to pull back if, they are sick or have other exceptional conditions (e.g., mourning, recent bereavement) that may influence their completion of the exam. In the event that ailment or another kind of crisis emerges in the wake of the exam, the Presiding Officer or Chief Administrator is approved to settle on choices in regards to admission to or a continuation through the exam, if the conditions are sufficiently extreme to bring about hazard or disturbance to a competitor or others. 
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