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The evaluating exam is usually for overseas students who need to be evaluated prior to proceeding to the the qualifying exam. This is due to the lack of equivalency between a Pharmacy degree in say Europe in comparison to Canada. The difference between our courses is the same as the difference in the syllabus between the two exams. We have made all our courses here at to rigorously follow the syllabuses set out by the examining board who create the actual exam.
Yes! Any submissions received to admin (you can submit by email or via the forums) are rewarded with either a subscription extension, an upgrade or a monetary incentive, contact admin for more information.
Through our customer surveys we have found that students who sign up to our course 2 months prior to the exam pass with at least a 92% success rate. For more information please have a look at the individual course page
Well its pretty much like any other science degree but its vocational, meaning it concentrates on providing a special skill rather than academic knowledge such as physics or chemistry. With this in mind, its quite hard to get a degree in pharmacy. One major obstacle is the prohibitive cost of it all the degree is usually longer than other science degrees, this can vary from university to university but usually, the program of study leading to the B.Sc.(Pharmacy) has two phases and requires at least five years to complete.
In short, in order to practice pharmacy in Canada you need:
  • a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from a Canadian University
  • to complete a national board examination through the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
  • practical experience through an apprenticeship/internship program
  • Requirements vary from province to province. Your local pharmacy school can provide specific information.
As before, the program of study leading to the B.Sc.(Pharmacy) requires at least five years to complete. After this you will need to take a year in practice so in all about 6 years.
All of our questions are written by our tutors who have all sat the PEBC Exam. They have also had a lot of experience working in Canada as pharmacist. Examples of the questions can be seen in our free / guest section.
I assure you we are 100% legitimate. Please look at our open reviews on the front page and also the PayPal money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied we will refund you purchase. As for giving your password to another we have embedded alogorithms which looks at ip addresses and how users use the site. It will automatically ban anyone who is a caught sharing usernames.
Programs may have differences with regard to eligibility requirements and entrance criteria. For example, many programs consider applications only from Canadian citizens and landed immigrants legally entitled to work in Canada. Registration with the CHPRB Residency Matching Service is a requirement for application to accredited programs. Some programs require that applicants meet one or more of the following eligibility requirements:
  • Have graduated from a pharmacy education program accredited by the Canadian Council for the Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP)
  • Hold a current license to practice pharmacy, or be eligible for licensure as a pharmacist in within a set time period after starting the residency program (e.g., evidence of having successfully challenged the PEBC Qualifying Examination Parts I & II, as well as Language Competence Evaluation may be required);
  • Have never been expelled from a pharmacy practice residency program
  • Have never been denied employment at a facility of the health region in which the residency is offered
  • Have never been denied licensure as a pharmacist or pharmacy intern in any jurisdiction
  • Be a member of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists within a set time period after starting the residency
  • Become a registered student at a University affiliated with the residency program