What is the PEBC Exam?

The PEBC Exam is a  pharmacist and pharmacist technician competence evaluating exam which, when passed, enables them to practice in Canada. Whoever takes the exam is categorised into either:

  1. Canadian Graduates 
  2. American Graduates
  3. Overseas Graduates

Each category of student pays a different fee to the examining board if you would like to know more about the cost of the PEBC Exam, click here.

The main difference between the PEBC exam and other pharmacy competency exams internationally is the stress of the importance of evaluating the real-life practice of pharmacists/technicians instead of purely using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's). Due to this, the PEBC exam was split into two parts, the MCQ's (Part I) and the practical OSCE section (Part II).

Part I 

The MCQ part is set out over two half-day sessions. Each session comprises of 150 questions and you have 225 minutes per session (plus a 15-minute induction). This means that per question you get 90 seconds. the content of which is meant to assess your competence in areas set out by the syllabus and judge your ability to problem solve.

Part II

The OSCE part is taken on a separate day to Part I. It comprises of a room which is divided into multiple "stations". These stations can include a patient or a scenario which you will have to resolve. At each station you are judged by an objective viewer, upon the following criteria:

  • Gathering and interpreting clinical patient information
  • Identifying and solving practice problems
  • Communicating effectively

This site specialises in the MCQ section of the PEBC exam, but also includes useful tips and hints for the practical assessment part of the exam.

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