Recommended Reading

A few must-have recommendations for books for the PEBC Exam:

  • Comprehensive Pharmacy Review (CPR by Shergil) - is a great all-round reference book for the review of a large range of pharmacy topics and will be useful for both the qualifying and evaluating exam. The book covers pretty much everything listed in the PEBC syllabus, however, it lacks somewhat in the practical aspects of the exam which we cover in depth with our online study materials.
  • Therapeutic Choices -  200 conditions including 72 conditions during pregnancy and breastfeeding, useful quick reference drug tables, treatment algorithms.
  • Appleton & Lange's Review of Pharmacy  - mainly used for the NAPLEX, however much of the material contained is applicable to the PEBC and has lots of practice questions.
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics, Dale and Appelbe's - a publication from PhP covering pharmacy law and ethics in the UK, pretty useful for background knowledge.
  • Pharmacy Management: Essentials for All Practice Settings, Second Edition - covers the pharmacy practice part of the PEBC syllabus.
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations by Mitchell J.Stoklosa is a good reference for calculations to expect in the PEBC Exam and you can get it for less than $1 CAD on Amazon!
  • Drug Interactions Analysis and Management: Published by Facts and Comparisons by Hansten & Horn - this a very comprehensive text used in many Canadian Pharmacies but it is not cheap.

Opposed to general books for the exam, there are those more focused on the subject matter presented in the PEBC Exam Syllabus. There are a number of books that have worked for our tutors here at PEBCExam who have subsequently sat and passed the PEBC exam, first time. These include:

  • Quick review of pharmacy - This book works well for those who want a quick grasp at pharmacy. The book was initially for NAPLEX but is just as good for any other pharmaceutical exam. This book has both content as well as questions at the end of each chapter. When preparing for the exam it is important all content is adequately covered and all questions answered correctly. You could repeat reading the content and answering questions until you are contented with each section. 
  • Therapeutic choices - As mentioned above, take time to thoroughly go through this book. A good knowledge of this book will greatly boost your chances to succeed in the PEBC exam. It focuses on major clinical disorders, treatment goals, pathophysiology, investigations, risk factors as well as lifestyle issues.  Other areas of focus include; pharmacoeconomics, algorithms, drug management and how to make clinical decisions. All these and much more are contained in this book.
  • Biomedical sciences - The book is a lecture series that covers key topics as well highly effective summaries. It covers such topics as Anatomy, molecular biology, biochemistry, hematology, Genetics and pathophysiology.

Other helpful books include

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy Practice, and Patient self-care. 

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