What is the cost of the PEBC Exam?

The current cost of taking the PEBC Exam is as follows:

  • $600 CAD - document evaluation (for foreign pharmacists)
  • $535 CAD - for the exam (for all Canadian locations)
  • $910 CAD - for the exam taken abroad (London, England)

The best method of payment is online using Visa or MasterCard (credit card only). Other options to pay are as follows.

Offline application payment requirements within Canada:

  • Certified Canadian cheque, bank draft or money order
  • Canadian dollars only
  • Payable to PEBC or The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
  • Currently dated
  • Properly signed in space provided on front of payment
  • DO NOT SUBMIT U.S. funds, cash or personal cheques 

Offline application payment outside of Canada:

  • International money order or bank draft
  • Drawn from a Canadian bank
  • Transit number of the bank printed at bottom of bank draft or money order, using standardized coding
  • Clearance method must be through the clearing system in Canada and not by collection
  • If your payment does not meet these requirements the bank will return it to PEBC and you will be charged a $50CAD fee to cover the bank charges

For international students remember: that $20CAD will be deducted from any refund being sent outside of Canada to cover the cost of the money order and the delivery fee.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Certificate Replacement $100
  • Sending Licensing Statement/Good Standing Certificate to Provincial Regulatory Authority $75
  • ECA Report Request $100

Our Guarantee...

All of the course presented here on PEBCExam.com come with a guarantee if you end up failing the exam all you need to do is send us the official failure notification (via email) and we will refund your money.

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 11:43 AM