A list of the main Pharmacy Bodies who deal with the PEBC exam:

Alberta College of Pharmacists Suite

1200, 10303 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3N6

Tel: 780-990-0321/1-877-227-3838 


College of Pharmacists of British Columbia

200-1765 West 8th Avenue Vancouver,

British Columbia V6J 5C6 

Tel: 604-733-2440 

Fax: 604-733-2493/1-800-377-8129

Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association 

187 St. Mary's Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 1J2 

Tel: 204-233-1411 

Fax: 204-237-3468

Ontario College of Pharmacists 

483 Huron Street Toronto, Ontario M5R 2R4 

Tel: 416-962-4861/1-800-220-1921 

Fax: 416-847-8200

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists 

700-4010 Pasqua Street Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 7B9

Tel: 306-584-2292

Fax: 306-584-9695

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