PEBC Technician Qualifying Course

Technician PEBC
PEBC Technician Qualifying Exam

The Technician Qualifying is a 1 years subscription, it enables you access to our vast database of questions, downloadable resources and calculation books.

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The internet's largest repository of PEBC Technician syllabus questions - tried and tested questions covering the entire PEBC syllabus. This includes:

  • Biomedical Sciences Questions: Clinical Biochemistry, Nutrition, Genomics, Pharmacogenetics, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Physiology, Immunology. Pharmaceutical Sciences Questions: Drug Delivery, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacokinetics, Biopharmaceutics, Toxicology. Pharmacy Practice Questions: Professional Practice Skills, Therapeutics (including non-poms). Behavioural, Social and Administrative Pharmacy Questions: Canadian Healthcare system, Pharmacy management, Pharmacoeconomics.
  • Innovative question system - questions which are graded automatically with detailed feedback which enables you to track your progress.
  • Specialist calculation questions - with feedback giving exact workings of how to perform pharmacy orientated calculations.
  • 5 calculation texts - covering the best methods for the exam.
  • Recommended reading - guiding you to the best resources!
  • Forums - our hugely popular subscriber forums.
  • Additional resources - including medicinal chemistry tutorials, useful weblinks and tips.
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